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About Us

Why Coconut Wax?

To put it simply, Coconut Wax creates a sustainable and luxury candle experience with consistent results, incredible scent throw (that's how well the smell fills your room) and a clean burn.


Reasons we use (and love) coconut wax:

- Eco-friendly

- Coconuts are a high-yield fruit and all parts of it are used in production

- Supports small farms (not large corporations)

- it's biodegradable

- it's non-toxic (some waxes are - know what you're burning and breathing!)

- it's more sustainably grown than other wax options (including soy!)

- it's vegan


What the heck are phthalates?

Phthalates (prnounced Tha-layt), mainly used in the plastic industry, are a common chemical ingredient used in manufacturing cheap fragrance oils. They help the fragrance extend its aromatic strength.

Without getting too scientific, phthalates are in many scented products (so you should look out for them in perfumes, lotions, cosmetics, and more!).

Unfortunately, they belong to a group of endocrine disruptors that affect your hormonal balance and can cause reproductive and fertility issues, among many other health problems.

Fret not, our candles never contain phthalates! We only use the best and cleanest ingredients for a premium, toxin-free candle experience, everytime.

Hi, I'm Morgan!

Welcome and thank you for visiting Colorado Smell Goods. I am the maker behind Colorado Smell Goods, and am proud to say this little company is a dream of mine come to fruition. Curating a quality aesthetic in living spaces is something I have always been passionate about. Quite obviously, a room’s scent is crucial to the enjoyment of the people in it.
I have always had a deep love for candles, and their ability to improve multiple aspects of a space. From the way they can provide a peaceful light, to the way their scent can transport you to another place, all the way to the actual look and feel of the candle itself. This love inspired me to do a deep-dive in to the art of candlemaking—the types of wax that are used, the types of oils and herbs used to create scents, which type of wicks are used, and the vessels they’re housed in. After a months-long crash course in all of these elements, I knew that I could make a higher-quality, cleaner candle for fellow enthusiasts like myself who actually care about what they are burning in their homes. I take great pride in making candles with scents that are clean, homey, and safe both for the environment and your pets.


I genuinely thank you for taking the time to stop by and check out Colorado Smell Goods. I adore connecting with other makers and people passionate about candles—I am most easily reached through this site’s contact page, or my Instagram: @ColoradoSmellGoods.

Happy smelling!